Past Episodes!

April 18, 2017
March 11, 2015
· The studio's now a train station.
· Bill's a fan of Modern Family
· Don't be stupid around the police
· Special guest Brian Murphy
· Low gas prices and high approval ratings
· A word from our sponsor
January 28, 2015
· Bill reviews the QPTV broadcast schedule
· Zombies vs. Anacondas vs. Modern Family
· Bill Riley's a professional wrestler
· Advice for ISIS
· Low gas prices and high approval ratings
· A word from our sponsor
December 11, 2014
· Bill's show is moving to a new channel and he's not impressed!
· Superman's back on TV—the real Superman.
· Bill's feuding with the Queens Courier
· Getting eaten by an Anaconda as a career option
· Killing Kennedy
· Practice Quitting Smoking
November 5, 2014
· Bill has thoughts about the governor's race
· Chris Christie—bully?
· Indictments—no barrier to election in Staten Island!
· Hope for the Mets? None for the Jets.
· The Freedom Tower's open
· A surprising advocate for marijuana legalization
· Pancake and waffles!
July 16, 2014
· It's the anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11
· Bill had an experience at Main and Jewel
· Bill mixes politics and baseball.
· Advice for China
· Bill's theology
· Colbert is coming
· The real reason why they built the Great Wall
June 11, 2014
· Bill rails against his corporate overlords
· A logical argument about the ten dollar bill.
· Bill's got the lowdown on late night TV.
· Bill talks up Halle Berry's latest project
· ...And Mattie's latest project
· Cocktail sauce and some of Bill's other favorite things
December 18, 2013
· Bill's got a new time slot and a few new ideas for the show
· A new tool for fighting zombies.
· The scary downside to a career in show-biz.
· Who was Horace Harding?
· Even in the off season, the Mets dismay Bill.
November 6, 2013
· A suspicious turn of events for Puppet....
· ....and a new mystery to investigate.
· Bill campaigns for Ralph Cramden.
· Joe Lhota stops by and Bill commiserates.
· Bill wants to brings back patronage.
September 18, 2013
· Bill can't figure out the mayor's race. What's a DeBlasio?
· Cat toys—what a rip off!
· A daring baseball prediction.
· Bill suffers some reverses in his horse-based investment portfolio.
· Puppet wants to take drastic measures to 'liven' up the show
August 28, 2013
· Romanian Interlude! Yes. Bill is still a fan. You should tune in. Really.
· Bill has a few thoughts on the campaign for comptroller er, controller.
· Don't pay for air at the gas station!
· The people upstairs send Puppet down to straighten Bill out.
· Gary Scudero stops by to clear his name.
May 22, 2013
· Gary Scudero escapes, and reveals the disturbing secret of Time-Warner Cable's Triple Package.
· You want to get a show on QPTV? It's a bit more difficult than you think.
· Romanian Interlude? Bill's still a fan.
· Bill's advice on horses has predictable consequences.
· Got a salt and sugar urge? Bill has the fix you need.
· Puppet returns.
April 24, 2013
· The difference between boats and ships, and the fate of Gary Scudero
· Bill gives Anthony Weiner some advice
· Bill wants bits: Send your bits to
· Sponsor Bill's head
· A visit from Puppet
· Bill's advice on horses--and what you should do with Bill's advice.
February 20, 2013
· QPTV wants Bill to change the name of his show
· Bill likes Mint-Chocolate Klondike Bars
· You know what? Dangerous animals are dangerous!
· Rethinking the Lone Ranger
· The real reason your Time Warner Cable bills are going up
January 9, 2013
· Bill's gambling tips
· Bill knows how to lose weight in a hurry
· The Board of Education investigates a leading cause of stupidity
· The Baseball Hall of Fame vote
November 14, 2012
· Hurricane Sandy
· Special Guest: Yiling Li
· Yiling Li's artwork
· Daniel and Emma, students from Yiling's school
July 25, 2012
· Tax deductions for Mets fans!
· Bill and Gary want more history on the History Channel.
· Movie Reviews With Lisa Harmon.
· Special Guests: Gary Scudero, Lisa Harmon
May 16, 2012
· The guy who caught the 'guy on the grassy knoll.'
· The 'guy on the grassy knoll' stands trial and chaos ensues.
· Special Guests: Sarah Maywalt, Gary Scudero, Weatherman Pete
April 18, 2012
· Bill campaigns for a National Holiday honoring the moon landing
· Guess what? It's still not fun to be a Mets fan.
· Bill is hot on the trail of the 'guy on the grassy knoll'.
· Special Guest: Sarah Maywalt
March 21, 2012
· Weatherman Pete has been kidnapped, and his replacement turns over a new leaf.
· Bill gives everyone on his show a raise.
· Guest: Gary Scudero
February 15, 2012
· Strange disappearances explained. At last.
· Guest: Gary Scudero
January 4, 2012
· A new use for CitiField.
· A new fashion emerges at the corner of Main and Jewel in Kew Gardens.
· Guests: Gary Scudero, Sheridan Botros
December 7, 2011
· All four of the Three Stooges on screen at once! Bet you never knew about that one!
· Guests: Gary Scudero, Sheridan Botros
· Weatherman Pete explains El Niño in his inimitable style.
November 2, 2011
· The most popular sport in America isn't football....
· Cold and flu remedies
· Guests: Mike Kramer, Gary Scudero